New Smartphone Apps now available through Arbtalk

Arbtalk is pround to announce the launch of 2 fantastic smartphone arborist apps now available on iPhone, iPad and Android platforms.  The apps are released under the brand name ArboristApps, and signal the start of what will hopefully grow to be a selection of some of the best arb related smartphone apps on the market.

The 2 apps are based on the online galleries at Arbtalk.  The first is the popular fungi directory, managed by David Humphries.  It now contains nearly 100 fungi which are relevant to arborists working in the UK/Europe and North America.  The mobile version of the directory has been designed to be as user friendly as possible, and offers multiple ways of identifying fungi in the field.  The most popular so far has proved to be our unique host species search….simply enter a tree and you are instantly presented with a list of possible matches, couldnt be simpler!!

The Second app is based on the Arbtalk knot guide, with 50 knots presented with a nice clean menu and easy user interface.  The user can quickly find a knot relevant to any application in tree work.

Both apps are priced at a very competitive price of just £2.99 each and are available in both itunes and the google play store via the direct links through



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