Silky Fox F180 folding saw

I recently purchased this saw from Gustharts, and to be honest purchased it due to the low price tag, and Silky name. At under £15, I wondered if it would be any good, but felt that it would be worth a try, and cheaper than my existing Laplander...


Sawpod Review

Sawpod Product Review. This is a product that seems to have two decisive camps of opinion, possibly more than any other product I can think of and has raised much discussion between staff and colleagues. One opinion is that it's a gimmick and is...


Natanoko 2000

Been using the Natanoko 2000 for a few weeks now and its excellent for both pruning and removals. The low angle curve on this saw makes it much less aggressive than Silky's other curved bladed saws. So it will appeal to people who like using...