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Review of the Stein first aid kit

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A decent first aid kit is essential. Not just at work but at home and in the car. We would all rather think that we will never need it, but our’s is a profession where we are likely to be in need of first aid on a regular basis, this can form two areas of first aid.
1. Critical, lifesaving first aid, in the case of arboriculture this would include injuries resulting from falls, cuts from tools, electricution, crush injuries, and so on.

2. More commonly, less serious injuries that are non life threatening, cuts, knocks, sprains etc.

For an Arborist a comprehensive kit should be at hand to cover all bases, and every viehicle should have a large kit with all the nessissary, bandages, eye wash etc.
Also some arborists are chooseing to take a small personal kit into the canopy, attatched to their harness. Stein provide several of these kits and today I would like to review the most basic.

The kit contains; 1 x Basic first aid leaflet1 x Large Wound Dressing1 x Pair Gloves1 x Face Shield1 x Pack 20 plasters2 x Cleansing Wipes

But of this what do you need up the tree, and what is missing?
For life saving situations, the wound dressing is probably most important in a self administerd situation. The plasters are usefull as are the wipes but you could return to the ground to apply them.
The face mask and gloves are for treating a second party, and although the gloves are a good idea if climbing to a injured party, I would keep them with a larger kit on the ground to take with you if climbing to rescue someone.
The face sheild, If you need to proform mouth to mouth, the casualty should be on the ground, not in the tree!
The case, a usefull case, but not sealed for dust or water ingress, so you would want to put your items in a plastic bag first.
What should be in it? Large dressing, whistle, blood cloter, scissors, plasters? anything else should be done on terrafirma.
Conclusion; Better than nothing up the tree, not bad for the glovebox or out and about, but wouldn’t rely on it as a sole first aid kit. Good instruction leaflet included.



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  • TTS says:

    Pretty basic kit and as you state, ‘Better than nothing’. I’ve looked at a few alternatives recently. Right now, I’m favouring ArbAid.

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