By Josh Philpotts


Oregon Fjordland Chainsaw Boots


These boots were brought primarily for their price and claims of waterproofness, rather than just water resistant.
First impressions were absolutely fantastic, they were very comfortable, straight out of the box, especially for my wide feet. They looked the part, i did remove the arch spikes though, as i can only see them being useful if you are actually in Oregon!
Around day 3, one of the lace Eyes popped out through the leather, i put this down to bad luck/small fault.
For the first two weeks they remained water resistant, not so for much longer after that.
soon they started falling apart, after a few weeks of dismantling trees on spikes, where the spike shaft rubs on the inside of the boots, they fell apart. i watched a dead oak stub, quite sharp slice the boot near the toe. more of the lace eyes snapped or pulled out, the toe caps deteriorated quickly. this may be from when sharpening saws, i’m on my knees, toe caps on the ground, still never had this with boots before!
after 4 months they should have been replaced, shortly after 5months they are unusable, and were replaced.
rather disappointing outcome, similar priced boots i have worn last a minimum of 10 months.
not recommendable in any way for any time period.




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