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AKU croda


The Croda is an all round mountain boot, great for Scrambling and Via Ferrata.

Designed by Aku as an alround backpacking boot, but we beleive the Croda excels as an all round mountain boot. Given that it has Aku’s IMS system (internal mid-sole), means that it is a very comfortable boot, but allowing it to have a low profile so your foot is as close to the ground as it can be. Aku’s DEP system (Dynamic Energy Point), which is basically a lacing loop that stretches with the foot but then returns to its origional postion bring the heel back into the cup with each step, keeps the foot secure and the heel in place for optimum fit whilst on the move.
The Croda Gtx is light, has a cut away achilese for freedom of movement on scrambling ground, lacing that goes all the to the toe box for a close, snug fit and an aggresive but solid sole which gives excellent support, edging and contact on rock, via ferrata or the ground that you are crossing. If your looking for an all rounder that can cope with most situations you throw at it, then the Croda is a great choice, and being Gore-Tex means that it can cope with the wet weather, that makes the UK as green as it is, keeping your feet dry.
o Lining: Gore-Tex
o Uppers: Suede/Microfibre
o Outsole: Vibram Nepal Outsole
o Midsole: Cemented microporosa midsole, combined with rubber sole
o Medium lasting board stiffness, with a 6 – 4mm nylon/microporosa lasting board
o Rubber rand protection around the uppers
o 1.8mm upper thickness
o Weight: 690g

now the tree bit.
these boots are great, very comfortable and provide heaps of support. the construction is second to none and im sure that they shall last me a long time, the solid rubber construction means you can stick your foot in pretty tight branch unions without crushing your foot(unlike some other lightweight hiking boots). In the blurb it says these boots are waterproof and im happy to say they most certainly are.they are also very lightweight.nod suggested these boots to me and once again his advice has been spot on. in conclusion if i lost them tomorrow id be ordering a new pair the same day

price around 130 plus VAT



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