By Joe Newton


Arbortec Breatheflex Type C Chainsaw Trousers


I’ve been wearing these chainsaw trousers for a couple of months now. I usually wear type A’s, so I was expecting these to be hotter and heavier than I was used to. When I put them on though, the first thing I noticed was that these trousers are light! I mean really light, when I compared them to a pair of Stein Revolution Type Cs I had in my wardrobe. You can tell you’re wearing Type C’s, but only really because you can feel the rear protection, rather than because of the weight.

They’re pretty cool too. I’ve been wearing them in some pretty warm weather, and compared to the other Type Cs I have worn they breathe very well. I’m not saying they’re cooler than Type As, since no Type Cs are, but they’re definitely cooler than any Type Cs I’ve worn!

Both of these points are apparently due to the “TrioStrand” technology which (I’m told) is a unique way the chain blocking material is constructed, making it thinner and lighter than usual.

They look the part too. Hi vis marking on the lower legs, and black and bright green in colour. I prefer a close fit, and these are snug. Not baggy, but not constricting. Similar in fit to the HiFlex, or maybe a touch snugger.

The bootlace hooks on the inside lower leg are an interesting feature. Designed to stop your trouser legs riding up and filling your boots with sawdust. To be honest I’ve not used them, since I don’t have this problem, but its a nice touch (you can always cut them off if you don’t like them).

One thing that made me grin is the pockets. There are loads! Eight in total (two back, two front hip, left thigh, phone pocket above right knee, two right thigh). I don’t own enough to fill all those! Perhaps a touch excessive for me, but thats just my preference. 6 of these pockets are close-able, so sawdust isn’t too much of an issue, and the phone pocket above the right knee is very useful.

They seem very durable so far (a must in a pair of saw trousers). No rips or snags yet, and I don’t go easy on trousers. The seams look well stitched, and theres a tough kevlar like material on the front shins and ankles, great for if you’re a bit clumsy on spikes like me!

Overall I really rate these trousers, and I’ll be replacing them when they’re retired (hopefully not for some time yet). Great looks, comfort and practicality, for a pretty reasonable price! Arbortec have really listened to when people want on this one. My favourite pair so far. Still not sure what I could put in eight pockets though!



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