By Rob Rainford


Arbortec Xpert AT900 Chainsaw Gloves


I received these gloves as a present early 2011, however they did sit around doing nothing for at least 6 months. I already own a pair of Oregon chainsaw gloves which are very similar in construction and fit, the only differences being colours and the anti-vibe pads in the palm.

Out of the box, a nice looking pair of gloves, I like the green embroidering of the Arbortec Forestwear logo on the gloves, a nice touch. The combination of green red and black was a good choice!

The first time I tried these gloves on I thought the left hand was extremely tight, I have wide knuckles to gloves that aren’t too stretchy can be a bit of a faff to get on, however, these gloves have enough stretch that I managed to get them on. The left hand feels odd at first due to the very thick chainsaw protection on the left hand, although its rated to Class 0 (16m/s), the padding felt thicker than my Stihl Hiflex Type C protection which is rated at Class 1 (20m/s). However there isn’t an issue with the weight of these. The right hand does not have any protection and is very comfy from the first wearing.

Within the first hour or two of shifting logs, some of the stitching had come away on the palm of the right hand. After putting 6 days’ worth of work through these gloves, one of the pads has fallen out the right hand, through where the initial stitching had started to fail. This was a disappointment as the gloves initially seem well made and the rest of the glove is still holding strong, the opposite palm is still in good condition. The other areas of the glove such as the fingertips and the grip pads on the gloves are still wearing well; I can see these gloves lasting a while yet, despite the loss of the gel pad.
The pads themselves did dampen vibration slightly, there isn’t much of a difference to using the gloves and using any other pair, they don’t add any bulk to the glove and as you are more concentrated on what the saw is doing, and you don’t notice the vibrations being dampened so much.

Overall, a good pair of gloves that should see a few more weeks before they are confined to the ‘backups’ pile. They get comfier with use as they stretch out a bit and they soon become very nice to use, a first pick for carrying logs and brash due to them being pretty sturdy. However, seeing the price of these gloves compared to others that offer chainsaw protection it can be a bit of a steep buy if you use them hard.



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  • normandylumberjack says:

    I purchased a pair and think that they are good. Too tight for me, and my hands arent big, go for a size bigger than you would normally use. Great wrist straps- keeps out the chips well!

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