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Harkie Harness Review


Harkie harness Review
The Harness arrived last week after the Arb show where i tried it out before buying.
First impressions: A simple harness, easy adjustment, and does not have loads of extras that i did not need/ want. The bridge is replaceable, so that it will extend the life of my harness.
First use: It has taken me about half an hour to get the harness adjusted so that it is feels right. But it still feels like it is giving me a wedgy. Once up in the tree the wedgy feeling has now disappeared. The harness was used for about 3 hours to prune a row of 40′ horse chestnuts, so nothing big, but one or two awkward branches over breakable things. In use the harness was comfy and did not pinch anywhere.
Niggles from first use: Whilst my ample belly is a 36″, and the harness is adjusted to the biggest settings, so if you are any bigger you will struggle to fit into it, and the harness only comes in one size. I could do with a longer padded waist and a longer belt so that the bridge is not so flat.
The two gear loops have an loose (ish) outer covering which makes unclipping Krabs a little fiddly. And the loops are attached to the underside of the webbing which means that they lay flat against the belt and  make finding the loop with gloves on harder to find.
There is nowhere for your handsaw to attach at the front of the harness, so therefore has to clipped to the gear loops, which means they get a bit tangled with other equipment.
Would i buy this harness again, Yes probably.

Part Two

I have now been using the harness for a couple of months now, and i am now becoming used to it. It is a comfy harness, but a couple of the niggles that i highlighted in the first part are still niggling. The padded belt is definitely not big enough to sit around my 36″ waist, and i have spent enough time fiddling with the two adjustment buckles trying different combination. I had to dismantle a small ash tree, and knock the stem over in small lumps. Spent about 20-30 minutes standing in spikes clipped onto the side D’s. The side D’s are too far back because the belt is too small, and dug into my hips. Not looking forward to a large dismantle because of this.
The lack of small loops at the front to clip my silky saw to is really annoying, so much so that i have sown one onto the harness.
One thing that has become apparent since the weather has warmed up is the large triangular legs loops get very sweaty. Furthermore i have spent a couple of hours hanging  underneath wind pruned branches, and all the extra padding provided no comfort what so ever. 
Finally the leg loop buckles. Whilst scrabbling around a Cedar removing ivy, both buckles had come undone during the day. Whilst this does not worry me, i think that these buckles need to be changed for future versions.
Over all i am happy with the harness, despite the niggles, and I would give it 4 out of 5.
I have spoken to Harkie about the buckles and they have offered to change the harness if I am unhappy. The latest version of this harness now has different buckles.



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