By Alasdair Wolski


ISC Triple Action Swivel Snaphook


I’ve been using the new ISC three way clip with swivel for a couple of months now. I have it attached to my work position Lanyard and was initially slightly sceptical due to it being a bit longer than the predecessor and the possibilities of it getting stuck while flipping through forks and around stems.
This has not happened any more than on a normal 3way clip and in fact the tiny bit of extra weight makes flipping the lanyard around large tree stems a bit easier.

The design of the clip itself is essentially the same, the only difference I could make out is the gate is now slightly chunkier. It’s a near microscopic difference but really makes a big difference when fingers are cold and wet.

The swivelling attachment is the best part though. It actually makes the product much more user friendly and improves the functionality quite considerably.
This is due to the clip always lining up with my side D ring with out any twisting and surprisingly, because the whole clip is much longer now, it fits into the hand much more ergonomically so manipulation of the gate is a lot easier.

As its been on the end of my lanyard, it’s been battered around and filled with resin and dirt, this has had no ill effects on the clip.

Overall, not a life changing purchase if you get one but it definitely makes things a touch easier and is well worth the extra money.



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