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Meindl Airstream Chainsaw Boot Review



Review of the Meindl Airstream chainsaw protective boots

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After putting much research and thought into buying a new pair of chainsaw boots I finally stumped up the £179.00 for a pair of Meindl Airstreams.  They may not be to everyone’s tastes, and to look at may be a bit garish, but I liked the red and the sleek lines the boot offered.  I bought them from and was impressed with both the helpfulness on the phone, the fact the boots where in stock, and plenty of them, that they had them in my (common) size and the promptness of delivery.  The boots have an improved Gortex lining, which is something Meindl have called Air Revolution©, a replaceable Vibram sole, improved lacing and a removable and washable inner sole.  When the boots arrived, they immediately became one with my feet, brand new on they were better than walking boots, not your average chainsaw boot.  There was no pinching of the toes from the steel toecap, and my bony ankles felt moulded into the sides of the boot.  To work in them in the summer is a dream compared to some of the other boots I have worn; I have even worn them to go walking in for hours with no pain at all.  The sole is comfy and they’re a nice height for around the lower leg.  But more importantly I hear you ask what are they like to work in?  Well, I can easily stay on my feet all day; I feel protected from the saw and climbing in them is a walk in the park.  In dry conditions the grip on branches and bark is excellent, in wet, the grip is ample.  I can’t remember the last time my feet got stuck in a tight crotch or union as they are not an overly wide boot.  I have had these now for nearly 11 months, and 11 months of constant climbing and they are still waterproof, virtually no scratches or rips anywhere in the material, threading and stitch work is intact and the red leather has only dulled off to a dark/grey red.  They do however have one downfall.  They are great for in the summer but if you suffer from bad circulation as I do then the cold winter months will be difficult without heated or thick socks.  For some reason the my feet just don’t seem to stay warm in them and there has been many a time in the winter I have had to warm my ice block feet up under the van heaters.  Don’t let this put you off buying them though; I would by another pair without thinking about it, and for the extra couple of pounds spent on a pair of heated socks makes them a great chainsaw boot with excellent value for money and, so far, a long working life.



Conclusion Rating
4 stars
Value for Money
5 stars
5 stars
2 stars
Wear and Tear
4 stars

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  • corylus says:

    Agree with most of comments but dont find them cold. I have had 2 pairs if Meindl boots but needed a size up in these. Cant explain that one???

  • proper tree care says:

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