By Drew Bristow


NRG Rope


NRG is a high performance 12mm 24 strand climbing line designed for use in sport climbing and professional Arborist applications. NRG is lightweight with excellent knot holding abilities and allows easy access into trees with great foot locking abilities.

·Knobbly cover construction for easy handling
·Excellent bend ratio
·Light Weight
·Low stretch for excellent foot locking
·Kernmantle core construction
·Works well with hardware
·Meets ANSI Z-133
·12mm diameter
·weight per 100m, 8.3kg
·Average strength 3523kg
·Safe working load 352kg

NRG is a relatively new rope from Donaghys that is unlike other ropes that I have climbed on. It has a real firm feel to it, textured outer cover and very little stretch. This makes it a great access/footlocking/SRT line and I definitely found it easier to ascend on than blaze, with far less bounce. The 12mm size is noticeably different to hold onto and actually made my blaze feel really skinny, even though it’s a bit big for some ascenders it still runs through them really easily due to its stiffer nature. The outer cover being knobbly means that my hitch grips really easily and also made it easier to grip on cold day. However the knobbly outer does create a lot of friction when rubbing over/around branches and definitely needs a Rope guide or cambium saver to counter this. It also benefits from using redirects in places to stop this rubbing mid line. On wet days it seemed to grab the hitch a bit too, but to be fair I think most combos do in these conditions. My 8mm armor prus hitch cord didn’t really gel too well on the 12mm rope but the 10mm version fared heaps better. After climbing on 8mm for ages the 10mm cord and 12mm rope felt really bulky but worked good .It’s a bit of a bitch to splice and the end splice is quite bulky (think it’s the same as the fly splice) It took quite a while to get into this rope but I am finding I tend to take it over the blaze now and definitely for any bigger access climbs. I think that if you climb using redis and rope guides etc this rope works pretty damn good, but for a traditional technique I think the cover could create too much friction.
NB I’m normally a great fan of the armor prus hitch cord and its all ill use on my blaze but after a bit more trial and error I’ve found the ocean polyester to be the best hitch cord with the NRG. I believe this could be due to the hitch cord (op) not flattening out so much and gripping too much on the knobbly outer cover.



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