By Murray Taylor


Review of Arbortec Scarfell Lite Boots


I have been wearing these boots for five days, and the first impressions are very good.  These boots are very comfortable straight out the box, with a pleasing balance of sole flex and support. The lacing system holds the foot well in the boot, so that there is no movement of the foot inside the boot. The boots feels less ‘clumpy’ than the Scarfell, which makes driving easier, and they are certainly easier to get into the cramped cab of the mighty Nuffield.
The ankle on the Scarfell lite is higher than the Scarfell, which I personally prefer. The neoprene gaiter around the top of the boot provides an extra level of comfort, and does seem to reduce the amount of saw dust and bits that can get into boots.
I have been working in wet woodland and climbing in heavy rain all this week, and my feet are still dry at the end of work on Friday. The boots do have a waterproof membrane, so I would expect them to remain dry; how long for, time will tell. My old Scarfell boots have the Outdry water proofing, which still keeps my feet dry even after two years of abuse, so I am hoping that the Breathdry in the Scarfell lite will be as good.
The Scarfell lite boots are not as stiff as the Scarfell boots; this makes them much more user friendly for tree climbing, and the less aggressive tread is kinder to the trees bark. Furthermore spikes sit well on the sole, and the mid sole is stiff enough so the spikes do not become too uncomfortable. However less aggressive tread of the Scarfell lite does not provide as much grip in the forestry environment, particularly on steep slopes and banks.
In the short time that I have been wearing them, these boots have proved to be extremely comfortable. They are very good for tree climbing and arb work, and not as good for forestry.

Would I buy them again: Yes
Would I recommend them to anyone else: Yes
Score out of five: Five



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  • andrew edwards says:

    hi i”ve just read your comment on the arbortec scarfell lite boot and yes they are a lovely boot but i should bring to your atention that i have gone through two pairs of them since november.The right boot heel keeps tairing for some reason.Thats two pairs in four months just as well they changed them for me

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