By Alastair Wolski


Sawpod Review


Sawpod Product Review.

This is a product that seems to have two decisive camps of opinion, possibly more than any other product I can think of and has raised much discussion between staff and colleagues.
One opinion is that it’s a gimmick and is better suited to a toy set.

My opinion is different.*
For years I subscribed to the aforementioned, however, after being bullied into using one I was converted.
Reasons for using one:
1. The saw is easily within reach, always, and is never turned around by wind or work position.
2. It’s easy to replace the saw without looking.
3. It does not get caught on things as much as one would expect.
4. The price is excellent.
5: It appears to work with any length of saw, straight or curved blade.
6. Being able to return the saw to the scabbard so swiftly and easily certainly improves safety.

Reasons for not using one:
1: I honestly can’t think of any.*

A superbly simple piece of kit that makes climbing all sizes of trees much easier.
Well worth every penny.



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