By James Atkinson


Silky Tsurugi Curve 330mm


One of the most important brands in our industry for last last 10 years and counting. known for quality and longevity that often cant be matched. We all complain about the rising prices (me included) but we always seem to go back. Why?
Well as a seasoned Zubat 330 user i was very exited to get my hands on the new Tsurugi Curve 330 medium teeth, to me they seem very similar on paper, same length, curved blade.
The very first thing i noticed when i pulled it out the package was the sheath, one thing i have always had a problem regards to the zubat, is the sheath, it does not live upto the job, constantly getting jammed with sawdust most of us resorted to cutting the end off, and after a year of use the clip that held the saw in place just would  not keep it  from falling out. with the new design on the Tsurugi sheath, the bottom is already cut out, no chance of anything getting stuck, also with double rollers at the top to help improve pulling the saw in and out and being made out of aluminium, it really feels a quality bit of kit, which im sure will last alot longer than my old zubat one, with the only negative that the saw does move around in the sheath making you sound like a cowboy when you walk.
Now the important part, the saw. I have to admit when i first pulled it out i was concerned about how narrow the blade was, its light!, i was expecting alot of flex during cutting, and the chance of snapping it under bad angles. so much so i had a flex test with my zubat, honestly i think the Tsurugi had more rigidity too it, which i wasnt expecting, and out in the field i really didnt notice it at all. The fact that the blade is narrower i found a great help during pruning, really helping to get into tight crotches, such as apple or cherry trees. I chose the medium teeth as i mainly use my silky for reductions and pruning, not dismantle work, but if you prefer a more aggressive cut there is also a large teeth model too.
The handle is also a brand new design from silky, having no handle screws, nuts or extraneous hardware to keep it together. The comfortable, 2-part rubber grip is held together by an ingenious integration with the full tang blade (taken from there website) i really do like, very comfortable and easy to take apart to replace the blade, the only thing against it is the length, been a little longer than the zubat it does make the saw big, but only a small issue.
Overall im very happy with this saw and an improvement over the zubat,i use it with a sawpod and it works perfectly fine, but if you prefer silky do sell there own leg straps separately. As i said, if you prefer an aggressive cut go for the large teeth model. Three sizes available 210mm, 270mm and 330mm in both medium and large teeth so they really are catering for everyone.

If this lasts as long as my zubats it’s 10/10 from silky, especially with the new sheath design.
I shall keep you all updated….
I think silky have done it again!



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