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Teufelberger Pulleysaver



Review of the teufelberger pulley saver

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For the last seven years I’ve been climbing on a traditional cambium saver or a micro pulley/chocked sling. Both are ok but not brilliant, especially when compared to the new evolution of friction free, retrievable cambium savers.

I was attracted to the Pulleysaver as it’s a fair bit cheaper than the main rival and I considered the design to be simpler and therefore more efficient.

I have used it on a variety of trees and found it to do exactly what the advertising says it will.

The Pulleysaver is just as easy to instal as a conventional cambium saver. Set over a branch union there is no chance of slipping but it is important to remember not choke the prussic and Pinto up too tight or retrieval can be a problem.
Set on a smooth stem in the chocked configuration, the Pulleysaver grips perfectly and so long as the Pinto is draped right through the soft loop there is good range of movement without the Pinto or your climbing rope rubbing on the stem.
The Ocean Polyester prussic loop grips extremely well on the main rope giving complete confidence.

In use:
The DMM Pinto is a top quality pulley and there is no friction at all, therefore, ascending and descending are very smooth and effortless. Even the retrieval shackle has been designed with a bend to eliminate friction against the climbers rope.

This is the key area defining the product as a complete success or a complete waste of money. I have not had mine stuck and have found that by taking 20 seconds to ensure the route of the throw line and the exit route are good, then there will be no problem.
My system has been to clip the throw line to the soft eye of the Pulleysaver then drop the throw line bag down to the ground. Retrieval is smooth and simple with the throw line ensuring a slow safe descent and if there is a snag, the Pulleysaver can be wiggled free. However, the ‘straight’ and simple design of the product means the chances of serious snagging are greatly reduced.

The Teufelberger Pulleysaver is manufactured from top quality components, each of which are replaceable.

I was slightly dubious before I bought it due to the price but after a few uses I realised it’s worth every single penny as a labour saving device. I wish I’d bought it ages ago!



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